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Recent Interviews and Articles

2015 Society Leadership Conference Research Panel
Dr. Ari Green and other leading MS researchers discuss recent topics at the 2015 Society Leadership Conference in Fort Worth, TX.

NMSS on Nov 17, 2015

An exciting update to the B cell story
Dr. Stephen Hauser discusses the promising future for B cell therapies.
By Erin Biba on Oct 8, 2015

Next-Gen Genomic Tests Identify Brain-Eating Amoeba
New UCSF Center Aims to Make Tests More Affordable and Accessible to Doctors.
By Nicholas Weiler on September 8, 2015

New Center Will Advance Life-Saving Genome-Based Diagnostic Tools
UCSF-Designed Tests Pinpoint Rare Infectious Agents Far More Rapidly Than Conventional Methods
By Pete Farley on August 20, 2015

Learning About Neuroprotection for Multiple Sclerosis Treatment
Q&A With Dr. Emmanuelle Waubant

MD Magazine on Apr 29, 2015

Potential new therapeutics and the influence of diet
Interview with Dr. Emmanuelle Waubant on potential new therapeutics and the influence of diet.
Multiple Sclerosis Resource Centre, 2015

News Archives

Striking a Nerve: Allergy Drug Tested for MS
Ari Green, MD and Jonah Chan, PhD launch a clinical trial to evaluate the active ingredient in Tavist as a possible remyelinating agent for patients with multiple sclerosis.
John Gever for MedPage Today February 06, 2014

What to know about clinical trials and MS
Q & A with Dr. Emmanuelle Waubant
JHo Editor February 04, 2014

Barancik Prize winner aims for myelin repair
Jonah Chan, PhD, focuses on the potential of existing drugs to repair myelin.
Vicky Uhland for NMSS Momentum Magazine, 2014

Multiple Sclerosis: Five sources to seek after diagnosis
Dr. Elizabeth Crabtree and the UCSF MS Center support group were recognized as a top resource in the Bay Area by the San Jose Mercury News after a diagnosis of MS.
By Jessica Yadegaran on 05/13/2013

Nutrition and MS
Dr. Elizabeth Crabtree discusses nutrition and its impact on MS.

Sorop Sounding Board on Apr 17, 2013

UCSF Neurologist Wins Top International Prize for Multiple Sclerosis Research
Stephen Hauser Receives Lifetime Achievement Award
April 05, 2013

Scientists Identify Key Biological Mechanism in Multiple Sclerosis
Imaging Study Finds Potential New Target to Combat Disease
By Anne Holden on November 30, 2012

Pictures from Pediatric MS Family Day

Center Without Walls Research Project - Emmanuelle Waubant, MD, PhD - UCSF
Meet Dr. Emmanuelle Waubant, Associate Professor of Neurology, Director Regional Pediatric MS Center at UCSF, and Director of the Nancy Davis Center Without Walls program. Here is an overview of her latest research - Pediatric MS.

UC San Francisco tests new class of MS drugs
Advances in MRI technology and cellular engineering are giving new hope to people fighting Multiple sclerosis. SmartPlanet visits the University of California at San Francisco and talks to Dr. Emannuelle Waubant about new drug therapy that is reducing brain lesions and cutting down on relapse for patients.

Charlie Rose Brain Series 2, Episode 9: Multiple Sclerosis
Dr. Stephen Hauser and colleagues talk about the current state of MS research and treatment interventions.

Vitamin D
Dr. Stephen Hauser talks about Vitamin D with regard to multiple sclerosis.

A GWAS Gets Into Shape
Researchers connect gene variants to structure of brain lesions
By Mitch Leslie on 14 Feb 2013