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The UCSF MS Center is an internationally-known specialty center for care of patients with all types of inflammatory diseases of the central nervous system. In addition to MS, we provide expert care for patients with neuromyelitis optica, transverse myelitis, neurosarcoidosis, chronic meningitis, encephalitis and neurological manifestations of systemic inflammatory or rheumatological diseases, such as systemic lupus erythematosus, connective tissue disease, Behcet’s Disease and vasculitis.


Dr. Gelfand discussed MRI with patientSarcoidosis is an inflammatory granulomatous disease of unclear cause that can affect the nervous system. The UCSF MS Center has unique clinical expertise focused on the care of patients with neurosarcoidosis. We also specialize in the diagnostic evaluation of patients in which the diagnosis of sarcoidosis is suspected, but has not yet been confirmed. To schedule an appointment or refer a patient to our Clinic please visit those sections of our website.

In addition to providing clinical care, the UCSF MS Center has active, cutting-edge clinical research programs focused on neurosarcoidosis with the goal of improving care and discovering better treatments. Please visit the Research section of our website or the UCSF Sarcoidosis Research Program.