NAC Pilot Study

A phase 2 randomized, placebo-controlled, parallel group, double blinded single center study on the effect of N-acetyl cysteine compared to placebo on fatigue in patients with progressive multiple sclerosis

Dr. Emmanuelle Waubant is currently recruiting for a clinical research study to evaluate the effect of N-acetyl cysteine in patients with MS fatigue. N-acetyl cysteine has anti-oxidative properties that may be of interest in MS. It has been on the market for many years to treat some lung conditions and intoxication with Tylenol. Patients who have a diagnosis of progressive MS, and aged 18 to 75 may qualify for the study. The study involves study 3 visits to our center, and the total duration of the study is 10-12 weeks. The study procedures include physical exam, completing questionnaires, testing of blood samples, and a brain magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). Study participants who are enrolled in the study will receive 2 capsules of N-acetyl cysteine or placebo taken twice daily (BID) by mouth during the treatment period for about 8 weeks. Study participants enrolled in the treatment period will complete a brain MRI at baseline and at the end of the treatment period. The cost of study procedures including the MRI are covered by the study. Patient will be provided with parking stickers, and a $20.00 gift card to reduce the inconvenience associated with transportation cost. Study compensation will be provided at the end of each study visit.

If interested, please contact Dr. Waubant for more information at (415)502-7220, or email the study coordinator at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)