Gender & MS

A Center Addressing Women and Men’s Unique Needs in Multiple Sclerosis

Our goal:
To provide comprehensive, up-to-date, care for women and men with MS.

What does this mean? At different times in a person’s life, this can mean:
• Pregnancy and breastfeeding counseling
• Caring for women with MS during the menopausal transition
• Fertility issues
• Family planning
• Men’s health

It always means, a focus on whole person care (mind, body, supports) and on wellness.

Who we are:
Riley Bove, MD

What services do we offer?

1. We provide individual, 1 on 1, consultations to providers within and outside the UCSF system. We can see patients for a one-time consultation, for management of their disease during specific periods (such as a pregnancy), or for the long-term.

2. We serve as a liaison with other providers, such as obstetricians/gynecologists, bladder experts, fertility experts, or mental health experts.

3. We offer group sessions for support and education surrounding specific issues.
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