Medication Safety Updates

ALERT: Regarding FDA warning pertaining to patients taking Biotin or other compounded medicines from Reliable Rexall Pharmacy
It has come to our attention that the FDA has issued the following warning regarding medicines compounded by Reliable Rexall in San Francisco. If you or a family member are taking any medicines (Biotin, 4AP etc) compounded at Reliable Rexall please discontinue taking this medicine immediately and contact our clinic for guidance.

Link to FDA Drug Safety website

If you are a patient obtaining medications through a compounding pharmacy, please ensure that this compounding pharmacy has received PCAB Accreditation.

There have been a few cases of the brain infection PML (progressive multifocal leukoencephalopathy) reported in patients treated with Gilenya and Tecfidera.
The FDA recommends that patients taking Tecfidera have a blood test within 6 months before starting Tecfidera and additional regular blood tests (at least annually) to check their lymphocyte (white blood cell) count and more frequent ones if clinically indicated. The standard practice at the UCSF MS Center has been to check these counts every 6 months. At present this appears to be single case, however, the MS Center is monitoring the situation closely and is available to patients for further information and support at (415)353-2635.