Digital Health in MS

To advance digital health and leverage technological innovation to improve care for people with MS.

Sample projects
• Does using the MS BioScreen in clinic improve patient experience?
• The UCSF MS Center is pioneering the use of clinic to in-home telemedicine follow-up consultations to improve care for our patients. We are examining ways to optimize the neurological examination through videoconferencing-based evaluation.
• Can tracking a patient’s walking activity or movement patterns give us a more comprehensive impression of overall function and well-being?
• We are using the technology of biosensors developed for the gaming and computer control industry to transform the neurological exam and improve the detection of limb impairment in multiple sclerosis (TRAC MS and MYO projects).
• How can the Electronic Medical Record be optimized to advance MS care and scientific discovery?

Who we are
Riley Bove, MD
Jeffrey Gelfand, MD, MAS
Valerie Block, BSc, PT
Antoine Lizee, MSc, PhD Candidate