EPIC Study

Multiple Sclerosis Expression, Proteomics, Imaging, Clinical Study

The purpose of this study is to identify the genes that influence a person’s susceptibility to MS and the genes that influence a person’s response to treatments and medicines prescribed for MS. This study involves over 500 participants at UCSF. 

MS has a complex pattern of inheritance. In order to which genes may be involved, large numbers of individuals are being studied. DNA extracted from blood cells is analyzed to find genes that may be markers for the presence of MS or markers of treatment response. It is important to screen unaffected family members as well as individuals without MS to determine how these genes are distributed. 
Another purpose of this study is to determine whether recent improvements in magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) techniques can provide doctors with more information addressing the question of why the manifestations of MS are different in different individuals. By comparing neuroimaging with clinical course and genetic variables it will be possible to make correlations between different phenotypes (clinical characteristics that can be seen) and genotypes (internal genetic “make-up”) of MS.

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