Research Participation

What to know if you are interested in participating in research

Clinical research studies include only individuals who choose to participate in them. If you are interested in research conducted at our Center, please inform your neurologist or nurse. If you are currently a patient of the UCSF MS Center, some of these studies may be completed during your clinic visits. Some research studies are open for enrollment even if you do not receive your neurological care at UCSF.

Should you be interested in a research study, you can be given an unsigned copy of the study consent form to think about and discuss with anyone before making your decision about entering the study. Please take your time to decide whether you would like to participate, and ask the study doctor or to explain any words or information in the consent form that you do not clearly understand.

Our research is being conducted at the UCSF Neurosciences Clinical Research Unit located on the first floor in Suite 130 at the Sandler Neurosciences Center, 675 Nelson Rising Lane in San Francisco. (downloadable map).