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The UCSF Multiple Sclerosis Center is one of the premier centers in California for caring for patients with MS and other inflammatory diseases of the nervous system and is internationally renowned for providing high quality, patient-centered healthcare; for improving the quality, safety, and efficiency of that care; and for providing timely and appropriate access to neurological evaluation and treatment for people with multiple sclerosis, neuromyelitis optica, transverse myelitis, neurosarcoidosis, chronic meningitis, encephalitis and other neurological manifestations of systemic inflammatory or rheumatological diseases. We serve as an educational resource for physicians, patients, and their families, and conduct high-quality clinical and basic research that probes both the causes and potential cures for these illnesses.

Dear Friends and Patients,

It is with great sadness that we announce the departure of Dr. Elizabeth Crabtree, who has served the MS Center since 2006. Dr. Crabtree's last day with us will be May 12, 2017. Dr. Crabtree is moving with her family back to their former home in New Orleans to head the MS Clinic at Tulane.

Dr. Crabtree's dedication to patient care and support has been exceptional and has made her a unique advocate for our patients and their needs. The UCSF MS Center's leadership has a plan in place to continue to deliver exceptional care for each of Dr. Crabtree's patients and their families. We are happy to receive input from patients and their families to help make this transition as easy as possible. In order to ensure a smooth transition plan with your next provider, please call the clinic at (415)353-2069 with any scheduling or clinical questions.

During the coming months our doctors will work closely with Dr. Crabtree to optimize the care for our patients. Furthermore we recognize for patients who have been regular attendees of Dr. Crabtree's tremendously valuable support program that her loss may be especially significant. However, Drs. Carolyn Bevan and Riley Bove have agreed to help shepherd the transition to keep this a vibrant component of our service and commitment to people with MS. The UCSF MS Center remains dedicated to providing exceptional cutting edge care with a human touch for all of our patients and we will work to maintain Dr. Crabtree's legacy and contributions to MS care in the Bay Area and beyond.

We thank Dr. Crabtree for her example and dedication, and wish her the best as she continues to work to improve the lives of people living with MS. We will all miss her deeply and look forward to having her continued input and contributions to help us in our work to defeat MS.

– The UCSF MS Center Leadership and Staff

Many patients have approached us following the FDA approval of Ocrelizumab (Ocrevus) on March 29, 2017.

What is it? Ocrelizumab is an antibody based medication that depletes the B cells in patients' circulation (largely in the blood). It is given via an infusion (intravenously) every 6 months. It was developed based on the promising results from trials of another B cell depleting medication called rituximab. The therapeutic benefits in relapsing remitting MS and in primary progressive MS were recently reported.

What are the steps involved in accessing this treatment? If you are interested in learning more about this medication, please schedule a follow-up with your neurologist to discuss Ocrevus in more detail and see if it is the right fit for you. If you and your neurologist decide to move forward with Ocrevus, our office will work with your insurance to see if it is covered. If the medication is covered and screening tests reveal no contraindications, our office will help you schedule the infusion at UCSF or at an alternate infusion center.

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