MYO Study

The Repository of Advanced Clinical Metrics of Severity in Multiple Sclerosis – TRAC MS

The purpose of this study is to help investigators determine if using wearable biosensor technology (the MYO armband) from the gaming and computer control industry can enhance the standard neurological exam to improve detection of limb or walking impairment.

About 250 clinic patients will be invited to enroll in TRAC MS; 50 of those MS patients will be invited to participate in the MYO sub study along with 50 healthy controls. Subjects will complete demographic and clinical history information via an iPad. Their physician’s physical exams from that visit will also be recorded. The MYO wristband will simply be worn on the arm or leg of the subject during their standard of care exam.

We hope that by collecting patient reported data, we can improve care provided at clinical visits and during remote monitoring. Additionally, using sensors from the gaming and computer control industry may provide us with a new way of collecting MS disability information in the clinical setting. This study has the potential to validate a wearable electromyography (EMG) device - the MYO armband - to detect upper and lower limb impairment in MS patients. Use of this sensor device may increase the sensitivity of the physical exam to patient reported impairment, improve the objectivity of repeat exams over time, and extend monitoring of limb function beyond the setting of office visits.

If you have been diagnosed with MS, or are healthy with no known neurological conditions, are between the ages of 18-64, are able to attempt finger and foot taps, can walk 25 feet, and can come to the UCSF Adult MS clinic or Sandler Neurosciences Center Building for your routine clinic visits you may be eligible to participate.

For more information, please contact the study coordinator, Jennifer Arjona, at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) or by calling (415)514-6408.

The Principal Investigator can be contacted at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).